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What we strive to achieve at Modern Day Chief is to empower the next generation to become purpose driven individuals in their communities and careers through personal development


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A podcast for helping you become more purpose driven in your pursuits of greatness. Learn from various leaders from all walks of society. 

We aim to spark ideas that takes our subscriber’s destiny in a whole new direction by showcasing purpose driven individuals who have overcome their own challenges and created success stories on their journey to greatness

Empowering YOU Initiative

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If you live half-heartedly, you’ll have a half-hearted life.

If you live without passion, you’ll have a passionless life.

If you live life to the fullest, you’ll have a life that you will never regret

James Kaguima

James Kaguima is passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation in the Startup ecosystem & working on projects that has a social impact on society & emerging markets

He is a innovative individual and often works with people from all walks of life and organisations on career pathways, fulfilling career aspirations, and uplifting underrepresented leaders and young people in the workplace. 

He is experienced in providing knowledge and insights on startups, social entrepreneurship, and tackling barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion within the startup & business sector.

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"‪Leadership is not a climb to the top. ‬ ‪ Leadership is a journey to help empower those around us.‬"

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Overcoming uncertainty

03 November 2020

Global Entrepreneurship week 2019

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Overcoming uncertainty

In this blog, we will look at ways on how to navigate and blossom during these harsh times. Overview: Tips...
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Do you have what it takes to succeed as a Entrepreneur? – Here are 6 questions to think about

1. Are you disciplined?  Be prepared to work on the weekends. Be prepared to work after your 9-5. Be prepared to...
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Leadership is a choice, not a title

Society shapes us into thinking that we are defined by the titles we are given, whether it is a job...
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Generational Mental Wealth – Growth Mindset

Failure is not final... Before anyone who achieves success in their life, there will be met with many temporary set-backs,...
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Startup Manifesto – Validating your ideas

Startup Manifesto Overview Find a Niche market thats facing a recurring problemResearch the Problems & Pain points that market facesTalk with the stakeholders (Potential buyers of...
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