Empowering YOU

Empowering You is all about connecting individuals by introducing you to people outside of your individual networks, helping to find purpose, opportunity, and create positive energy in times of uncertainty by providing the right networks, connections, resources and opportunities to create brighter better futures.

Modern Day Chief Village is a network of networks and we believe, every individual, without exception, can make a positive difference to someone in life. You do not need to be rich, smart, or with any perceived advantage. All you need is the will to make positive change happen, along the help and support of likeminded people.

If you have the will to make a positive change happen, MDC is the ever-increasing trusted network of likeminded people to provide that support. MDC is the support that our Founder & CEO never had, but will now never be denied another person if we work together in no boundaries collaboration enabling a brighter future for all.

Our collective vision for Modern Day Chief is simple. Enable those willing people who can, to work together with other likeminded positively motivated individuals, in a collaboration without boundaries, to provide a hand up through the provision of connections, resources and funding, to those people who need it most. 

It is always worth remembering that every situation presents a positive opportunity, even if only to learn something more about ourselves and how to be better human beings in the face of adversity. Life can be either a Comedy or a Tragedy, we each get to make that choice every day.