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Generational Mental Wealth – Growth Mindset

Failure is not final…

Before anyone who achieves success in their life, there will be met with many temporary set-backs, and sometimes face complete utter failure. As a result, when failure overcomes a person, the most seamless and reasonable thing to do is to quit.

That is what a lot of people do, however, many have told that during this time where you experience a set-back, failure or have hit rock bottom, most successful people that the world has ever known have shared that their ultimate accomplishment came about just one step past the point at which defeat had overcame them.

How to develop a Growth Mindset

It is important to maintain a positive outlook, no matter the situation or place you find yourself in; Because it is this mind-set that will let you prevail where others fail. This is what we call having a Growth Mind-set.

It is crucial to watch what you say when you talk about yourself, so speak positively about yourself and learn from failure.

The Secret to having a growth mindset, is to see hard times as a stepping stone

Repeat this Affirmation:

  • I am a person that’s always on the look-out to improve themselves
  • I do not dwell on the past failures
  • I use them as fuel too continue to better myself
  • I learn from them and use them as Lessons
  • I aim to continuously move forward in life and place my focus on the present
  • I believe what is for me will come, and what is not for me has no place in my life. 
  • I believe in my own self-worth and I demand respect and will set up boundaries whenever necessary.
  • I keep to myself but will like to expand my social circle carefully, choosing people who are fulfilling their life’s goals and not trying to bring others down to bring themselves up, which doesn’t really help, as Building your-self from within is how you build ourselves up. 
  • I have experienced roadblocks, but I believe set backs are made in order to set you back on Track.

Develop a Morning Routine, Stick to It. Examples:

  • Pray or Be thankful for life that was granted to you
  • Stretch & Exercise to get your blood flowing
  • Have a walk outside in the local park
  • Make a healthy Breakfast 
  • Open your windows to improve air quality of the household
  • Play soothing Music
  • Read a engaging book
  • Don’t use the morning to check email/notifications
  • Create a daily, weekly or monthly Schedule

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