Greaves Consultancy

Greaves Consultancy was founded in 2019 by George Greaves, specialising in the recruitment and employment pathways for young people.  The company’s strength is around social mobility and youth employment being a board member and ambassador for Youth Employment UK.

The company prides itself on its relationships within the community offering workforce development projects, mentoring and recruitment services.  Greaves Consultancy has created excellent employer engagement across UK in the public and private sector.


George Greaves is a dynamic entrepreneur, programme designer and recruitment consultant. He had a challenging journey through mainstream education and left school with no qualifications. After working closely with a mentor, George was determined to achieve and strive towards his goals and aspirations. He did a traineeship followed by a foundation and later an advanced apprenticeship which gave him skills in customer services as well as leadership and management. Since then, inspired by the help and support received as a young adult, George has helped hundreds of other people access apprenticeships, training and employment.

George has designed and delivered programs that connect those looking for employment to organisations with skills shortages such as the NHS. He has worked with the Department of Work and Pensions and other training providers to identify individuals who can increase their aspirations and improve their chances of securing employment. George has created strategies for large employers to attract vibrant talent to their business. He has also worked as a mentor to help those individuals who have the potential to up-skill and progress into more senior roles. George is a firm advocate of mentoring and an ambassador for apprenticeships and training for people.