Overcoming uncertainty

‘There is nothing about the caterpillar that tells you that it will become a butterfly’

In this blog, you will learn battle-tested ways on how to navigate and blossom during these harsh times


  • Tips on treating yourself well: Building resilience during uncertainty
  • Developing a growth mind-set: Overcoming challenges
  • Stepping onto the Battlefield: Being ready to capture opportunities 

Treat yourself well

It is important to focus on your own mental wellbeing during the pandemic, because if you can’t help yourself – How would you be able to help others? Today you will learn how

When you improve your health, you can carry out your day to day activities from a place of strength and not desperation, which is why it is important to stay proactive during this winter and try to get sunlight & fresh air where possible to keep mental clarity

As we head into winter, it is vital to find ways to maintain your fitness level through physical activity, due to the reason during the cold times we are known to stay indoors more often and more than likely to be fixated on our gadgets (Endless scrolling on Mobiles, iPads, Tablets, Laptops) & eating junk food.

For your own well-being it is advised to control your use of social media and screen-time – as misuse of the internet may cause your mental health to decline. Instead, if you are to use social media, use it to learn about your passions and interests, do not endlessly scroll through media just to pass time, this is how dreams perish due to remaining in our comfort zone.

To get out of your comfort zone, be curious to learn & become productive with your time, whether it is learning about personal development or pursuing your passions through creativity. They say depression is the Lack of Expression; bottling up your creativity is the path of destruction, to avoid this, spend time watching the things you say about yourself when things go wrong, because it is these moments that you will need to be kind to yourself most.

Developing a Growth Mind-set

The key to having a growth mind-set, is to see hard times as a stepping stone. Change your perspective, whilst society expects you to panic, be the person to find solutions.

By being solution orientated, you are becoming a person that does not let one hurdle stop you, which is an important mind-set to have especially if you are experiencing job rejections or opportunities being denied to you, or promises that have been made but has not materialised.

Stepping onto the battlefield

Whilst recruitment efforts may be on hold for various companies, there are still some that are still hiring; If you feel you do not have the skillsets or experience yet to apply for the opportunities you want, use this time to explore ways to develop those valuable skills through online learning, so that when an opportunity emerges, you will be ready to seize it.

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