Leadership is a choice, not a title

Society shapes us into thinking that we are defined by the titles we are given, whether it is a job title, a new promotion or social status we accumulated.

Being promoted to manager or gaining a large following on social media does not make you a influential leader, but it places you in a position to become one.

Here are 5 tips to become a more effective & influential leader in your family, workplace and communities.

Always set an example

The more you demand people what to do, the less they listen. The same applies as an adult. It’s just how it works. You most likely heard the quote ‘do as I say, and not what I do” which is a saying that is said to children, but it is false.

Children actually adopt the habits of people they look up to or under their care/guidance. (E.g. If they are surrounded by people with good habits they will become good people, but if they are surrounded by people with bad habits, they will become bad people – Children being drawn into the Drug trade / Gangs / Bullying / Anti-social behaviour)

The Power of Delegation & Empowerment

Leadership is not the climb to the top of the hierarchy, it is the journey to help empower those around us. You cannot do everything. Trust others and let them take decisions. You cannot be in everyone’s day-to-day. They know their job. Learn to take a step back; let them take the lead. This is the power of delegation.

You Win by empowering others, not using them as stepping stones.

James K. Kaguima

Acknowledge other’s efforts

In the Casino, when you win, there is a winner takes all mentality. However, in the real world (Community & Workplace) – You will be remembered for the kind things you do & say onto others, this also helps build a culture of appreciation among each other, and avoids the pitfall of making others feel exploited or overlooked.

Your empathy always wins

“Why weren’t they happy?”. Listen to people, understand them. Or you will be the last one to find out when they quit. One-to-one conversations do wonders. Do they want more money? More visibility? More responsibility? Find out; keep everyone motivated.


Become the “Ship captain”

You don’t like taking blame? Accepting mistakes? Or not knowing it all? You aren’t ready to be a leader. Ineffective managers point fingers at others. Leaders point the finger at themselves. A ship captain is the last one to leave the ship. Take responsibility.


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