Modern Day Chief Village

Uplifting underrepresented Leaders & Empowering the next Generation to Lead

About us

What we strive to achieve at Modern Day Chief Village, is to uplift underrepresented leaders in their respective careers, and showcase success stories, as well as empowering the next generation to become leaders of innovation & positive societal change.


  1. To create and uplift Young leaders in the world of work, business and community
  2. To serve the Young people in our network and ensure that everyone is embraced
  3. To be the go to platform for all things on being a change maker, innovator and an elevator of young people and society
  4. To focus on enhancing the lives of Young people and their change their narrative to one of aspirations, attainability and achievement 
  5. To enhance Young people lives through providing new opportunities and connections 
  6. To uphold the highest standards when serving and representing our village
  7. To be a bridge between the Village and corporations, institutions and establishments 
  8. To one day be the voice of the for Young people where their stories are being heard


Where we showcase positive leaders who can act as role models to our young audience and also spotlight the young people who are making moves in their careers or creative endeavours.

The main objective is to create a brand that embraces young people and educate them on how more experienced professionals, mentors, business leaders and change makers got their start sharing their story and triumphs to help inspire young people and have present role models that are visible to them.

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