Empowering YOU Initiative

James Kaguima founded, Empowering YOU Initiative is a platform that aims to introduce their members to individuals outside of their personal networks, helping to find purpose, opportunity, and create positive energy in times of uncertainty by providing the right networks, connections, resources and opportunities to create brighter better futures through our support network

Modern Day Chief Podcast

James Kaguima created a podcast for helping individuals become more purpose driven in your pursuits of greatness. Learn from various leaders from all walks of society. 

We aim to spark ideas that takes our subscriber’s destiny in a whole new direction by showcasing purpose driven individuals who have overcome their own challenges and created success stories on their journey to greatness

Hasani Wooden Watches

In 2019, James Kaguima founded Hasani Watches, during my Law School exam season, which is a brand started with the goal to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce wastage of wood resources and utilise it for a purpose by offering handcrafted Wooden watches. We partnered with a Charity called One Tree Planted, so for every watch sold we planted one tree in honour of our customer’s sale. (I was always involved in social entrepreneurial projects when I was young, but this was my first ecommerce where I invested money that I have raised and gained a return on my investment into the watch brand). You will always remember your first sale, treasure it as it is no small feat.