What is a Modern Day Chief?

Modern Day Chief is a platform that combines social purpose with leadership, and helping individuals launch purposeful and passion filled careers

Definition of Chief

Chief or Chief-tress by definition means a leader of a clan or community, it is also used in the job titles of the most senior workers of a particular kind in an organisation such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and many other C-Suite titles.

Our meaning of Modern Day Chief

Our definition of being a Chief or Chief-tress (Both men & woman can be Chiefs), is being Master of your Destiny, a practical dreamer that fulfils ones goals and puts action into their words. They understand that they hold a position of accountability for the position they are in life, and the decisions they make, and how they affect other people.

You are probably a individual who has or is searching for a definite purpose and is always striving to better yourself through personal development & growth. 

You may also have a burning desire to succeed but understand you have a responsibility to empower those around you to reach their goals & aspirations.

Who can be a Modern day Chief?

Anyone that is thinks positively & partakes in productive activities that help their communities & investing time to self educate themselves and that is a student of life that has a Day one mentality – which means that no matter how successful or amount of accomplishments you achieve, you will always be humble & hungry enough to see each day as a new day to learn & grow as if you just started.

Our mission

Modern Day Chief is a platform that aims to redefine leadership through uplifting underrepresented leaders & empowering the next generation to lead through personal development via self education, community building, entrepreneurship, networking and providing information to become a better leader.


"‪Leadership is not a climb to the top. ‬ ‪Leadership is a journey to help empower those around us.‬"