Youth Employment UK

We’ve partnered with Youth Employment UK to provide you with professional skills and career advice. Youth Employment UK is a non-profit social enterprise designed to tackle youth unemployment through their skills and careers hub and their work with employers. Whether you are a student or a graduate looking to begin a new career, they can provide you with a range of free online services and inspiration!

Skills and Careers Hub

Youth Employment UK’s Skills and Careers Hub provides 14-24-year-olds with free advice, guidance and resources.

The hub offers valuable tools to support young people through education and into employment. Information on a range of topics including finance, mental health and wellbeing, CV and Interview advice and so much more.

  1. Careers inspiration for current students and graduates
  2. Up-to-date skills development
  3. Access to youth-friendly employers
  4. Opens career opportunities for young people
  5. Access to peer to peer content

Youth Employment Experts

As youth employment experts, they provide support and guidance to all organisations working with young people. Employers can access a range of services including the Youth Friendly Employer Mark and recruitment and profiling support that reaches more than 100,00 young people every month.

Policy and Research Work

Youth Employment UK’s policy and research work have positioned them as a leading youth employment expert. They work across a broad and complex landscape and provide support and best practice guidance for all of those working with and for young people.

Having established strong partnerships across government departments and maintaining their role as secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment, they have been able to represent their membership at a range of round-tables, conferences, political events and within specific projects.


Research such as the Role of the family in social mobility and the Annual Youth Voice Census have been instrumental in producing critical analysis in areas such as social mobility and mental health. They have also presented these reports to MPs, ministers and civil servants.